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Stéphanie Krus

UX designer / Web Developer

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I've had many roles in my adult life so far. I've been a teacher, a tester, a customer support representative, a web designer, and a software developer. I've been involved in UX Design in all of them before I even knew what UX Design was.

Strong points

I'm extremely organised, have a 'get done' attitude, love problem solving and learn fast.

Software Developer

A lot of developers are perfectly happy to code without being involved in the design or content discussion. This is not me ;-)

Customer Support for video games

Creating template answers for users (some with very low digital skills) and knowledge bases for my colleagues, has helped me to work on Information Architecture and Content, to gather needs and existing information, to structure it, update, maintain all this data efficiently, and eventually empower both the users to resolve their issues and my colleagues to maintain our knowledge base.

More about this


I've taught children from 3 to 11, adults in French classes in Scotland but also in Paris to adults who sometime did speak French but didn't know how to read or write even in their native tongue.

Creating my own teaching materials based on my users, ages, abilities and culture has taught me to discover their specific needs, how to test and improve my material and games so they could learn effectively, in a relax atmosphere and feeling more and more confident over time.

Web Designer

I've been part of various local groups (community council, allotments, parents council, reading club) and created WordPress websites for them to communicate to wider audiences

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Tools I use as Developer

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Tools and frameworks used to organise my work

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Tools I use as a Designer

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Tools I use to test Accessibility

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