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Stéphanie Krus

Designer / Web Developer

Prototype screens for East Renfrewshire form.

East Renfrewshire Council - Applying for Council housing

Using my GDS experience I have introduced the GDS prototype kit and coded high fidelity prototypes of forms for user testing. This was a completely new way of working for all.

My Role

Working with the content designer, a digital customer officer, the Housing department, a developer, support workers and interpreters.




I've adapted the prototype kit to reflect the Council brand and own style.

Adapting the colours for the links:

colours codes and preview of various link status. Screenshot.

The prototype uses the same components and most patterns of the GDS Design system

But I took into account some IT constraints to avoid prototyping patterns our CMS could not reproduce.

Examples of GDS conditional radio buttons with input fields reveal, and GDS error messages:

an example of radio buttons with conditional nested input field for a form. screenshot. an example of error message for a checkbox. screenshot.

This is responsive.

Amending your details - on desktop/mobile view:

one page of the amendment form - desktop view. screenshot. one page of the amendment form- mobile view. screenshot.

I created flow diagrams to highlight the logic rules in the journey as the form had over 50 potential different screens.

a logic flow diagram. the logic flow when you live alone or not.


Video of the start of the form

Click/tap on the video to see it bigger in a new tab

filling the start of the form. Video.

Video of the Equality and Diversity questionnaire

Click/tap on the video to see it bigger in a new tab

filling the Equality and Diversity questionnaire. Video.

This was ongoing and not live yet when I left in February 2019.