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Advocating for service design and the users

For every project, the most challenging was always advocating for a service design approach and for our users. Here are some examples of visuals and methods I've used with different stakeholders.

Creating persona


This project was about creating a new website for South of Scotland Entreprise - a new agency.

We needed to get the content right for businesses and organisations from this area, with the right tone.

Creation process

screenshot of the Miro board showing the various persona and the steps to create them with post its of insights and quotes .

Advocating for our users

The resulting persona helped advocating for our users when we were creating the content and structure of the website.

I could remind the team and the stakeholders of our users needs, context and priorities. The decision makers were not very receptive to the concept of user needs initially, so the persona was a good tool to use.

Assessing our service and setting priorities


The previous team had been overwhelmed by the intense work generated by the COVID restrictions:

I was part of a new team who took over. Most were new to service design but keen to learn.

Using the Good Service Scale

First we looked at the Good Service Scale of Lou Downe.

I facilitated a workshop where we used the scale to assess our service, as a team.

screenshot of a Miro board showing the good service scale used for our services

A lot of issues we had were not within our control, but some of them we could still influence.

As a next step, we sorted these issues with the "Circles of influence” and grouped them by theme, not by principle this time. We reused the same sticky notes.

screenshot of Miro showing groups of post its in various circles

Now we could see the groups of issues we had control on and those we could influence. This helped to prioritise our work and take action.

A tube map to illustrate the various channels of a service


We were working on a new service to help Scottish businesses find all the supports available in the public sector.

The work was involving a partnership with other agencies and 4 workstreams working together.

We needed to get a shared understanding of the various channels the businesses could use to find the support they need.

Using a tube map format

tube map with icons and text explaining the various journey depending of the channel used, some are online, others are face to face or over the phone.

Everyone loves a tube map

Everyone really liked the tube map as a visualisation tool. Especially the senior stakeholders.

It’s a great support for discussion.

It was the first time we used it (I wrote a blog post about it) and later we created a tube map for all our complex services.